Press Release: Blackgang Chine Rollercoaster Closed

« Back to news Thu, 12 April 2012

The procedures and fast reactions of staff at Blackgang Chine shone through yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 11th April), as about 20 people were helped off the Cliffhanger rollercoaster when it developed a fault. No-one was hurt in the incident.

"The visitors on the attraction need to be praised for their calmness and patience while our staff dealt with the problem." said Dan Selle, Blackgang Chine's Park Manager.

"Our Maintenance Manager Andy Irving and his team reacted quickly to make sure everyone got off the ride as safely and quickly as possible. 

The procedures and systems we have in place meant that this technical fault did not cause any injuries or further damage."

The rollercoaster will be out of action until the problem is resolved.

"We expect the ride to be back in service within one to two weeks. All our other attractions, including the newly refurbished Pirate's Cove are still open." said Mr Selle.